Carmilla - Sheridan Le Fanu

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The novella is set in 19th-century Styria, which is located in Austria. It is narrated by a young woman named Laura, who tells her story to Doctor Hesselius.

Laura lives with her father (a widower) in a castle deep in the forest of Styria. It is an isolated but beautiful and serene place. Besides the servants, the only inhabitants of the castle are Madame Perrodon, a governess, and Mademoiselle De Lafontaine, a finishing governess.

Laura narrates that her first distinct memory of her life is from when she was six years old. She awoke in the middle of the night without any nurse or other attendant. She was not afraid until she saw a lovely young woman at the foot of her bed. The woman came and laid down with her and they fell asleep. Laura then awoke to the sensation of two piercing needles below her throat, and the woman fled to under her bed...

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